Let us pray for the Earth. -Project Golden Apple-


Prayer for the Earth at the same time everyday around the world.

Let us pray for purification of the Earth.
Imagine the Earth brightly shining gold, and pray for the Earth with your gratitude to the Earth for 3 minutes at 12:00 noon in your time region.
Your prayer with your gratitude to the Earth purifies the Earth.

There is no preferred form of this prayer. With your own thought of gratitude to the Earth, pray in your own style. In case you are not available at noon time, it would be fine for you to pray at any time for 3 minutes during the same day.
By starting the prayers at noon in various areas around the world, each power of prayer will be tied together one after another just like the relay of the prayers following the rotation of the Earth. Prayers will become pillars of light or mist of light, and are gradually wrapping the whole Earth. Itfs just like the movement of light from dot to line, and line to surface. Then the Earth is covered with light and shines like a gGolden Appleh. And the more people join the Prayers every day, the stronger the power of light of prayers purifies the Earth, and makes the Earth a gPlanet of Love and Peaceh.

So why donft you join us and pray for the Earth to become the Planet of Love and Peace.